Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tsinelas For The Kids

Back in the province in Cebu, thrives a group composed of happy volunteers. Their goal is to help every poor student in the mountain barangays and other depressed areas in Cebu. They are a non-government and not-for-profit organization. 
I have heard of Tsinelas Association Inc. few years back when I was just trying to find my way here in the larger Metro of Manila. The one who heads this group used to be a seminarian and whom I know. Well, we may not be that close when I was still in the seminary years back. But since the seminary is one small community, almost everyone had the chance to be close to each other.

The group aims to wake up into a place where children are not deprived of education just because of poverty. They help assist children to stay in school and also aid teachers in bringing into the table quality education to those kids. Some of what they do are supply school supplies and even provide tuition and school fees to them. There are also times when they give seminars and workshops to these kids so they will discover their potentials. 

Tsinelas Association Inc wants to help ‘one step at a time’.

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