Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dell Inspiron Mini 10: And It's Pink!

It's a Dell Inspiron Mini! 

I always wanted to have one and now Tita Vangie is selling her Dell Inspiron Mini for only Php17,000. So I texted her right away and asked if I could buy it from her. I was surprised to notice that she was a bit surprised herself that I would want to buy it. I mean, it's a Dell Inspiron Mini, for cryin' out loud. She hesitatingly agreed that I buy it from her.

Silly me, I just bought a Dell Inspiron Mini which is Pink! No wonder she was surprised that I was interested in buying it. Lesson learned; the color pink is not for me. :-)

So if you guys love pink. And if you love to have this cool Dell Inspiron Mini that you can carry around wherever you go, give me ring or contact me. I plan to sell it at the same price since I just bought it last October 5th.

But check out the pictures I took of this item.

Intel Atom Z530 processor 1.2GHz
160GB HD
10.1-inch display, 1024 x 576 resolution (SVGA), LED backlit
Mult-Touch Trackpad
Intel GMA 500
Wifi 802.11g
Webcam 1.3MP built-in
3 USB 2.0,
3-in-1 media card reader
Windows XP Home Edition OS

So if you have a thing for pink and would want to have this amazingly cool Dell Baby, contact me at 0927-4513801. Who knows, we might still can negotiate on the price :-) 

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